About Us

ALPATARO Technology was established in 2021, with its 25 years of informatics, industry, production experience, and expert team of its founding partners;

ALPATARO operates in the fields of Information Technology, Electronics, Smart Home Solutions, Automation, and Robotics in Türkiye, U.A.E., providing technical support and content to makers as well as material supply.

Our focus is;

  • Management Excellence
  • Operational Excellence
  • Reasonable price
  • Business Solutions
  • Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0
  • Smart Building Automation

Our vision;

To Provide World Class Solutions.

Our Mission;

  • Developing Management Quality, Management Skills, and Operational Skills
  • Developing New and Institution-Specific Models and Approaches
  • Zero Failure, On-Site Quality, Zero Work Accident

Our Values;

  • Being Reliable
  • Be fast
  • Being Transparent
  • Being Reachable
  • Customer Happiness
  • Teamwork
  • Being Innovative
  • Be efficient

For more information about ALPATARO, please visit: www.alpataro.com